Protocol for data breaches

Data breaches are the order of the day and must in most cases be notified to both the victims and the supervisory authorities. In this context, acting quickly and decisively is essential and strategic decisions must also be made.

Based on the market in which your organization operates and your internal organization, we will prepare a tailor-made road map for data breaches together with you. Thanks to this road map, you know exactly how to act quickly and practically should you be confronted with a data breach.

In addition to the road map for data breaches, we are able to offer, if required:

  • legal support when a data breach occurs
  • regular updates to ensure that your road map reflects daily practice and any changes in statutory and other rules
  • advice on the statutory duty of security and model contracts you can use for the purpose of reducing the risk of data breaches
  • monitoring and making arrangements with hosting parties, for example, about the fulfilment of obligations

More information?

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