Multidisciplinary advice

Madison Gurkha, ITSX and Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten offer integrated services: technical, organizational and legal!

Information security and data protection constitute a complex whole of technical subjects, organizational embedding and legal parameters that should reinforce one another. In practice, this does not always seem to be the case and a set of measures have been taken that are sometimes incoherent and do not guarantee the best possible result.

For this reason, Madison Gurkha, ITSX and Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten have combined their individual expertise to assess your IT together with you in terms of data protection, security, organization and legal aspects in one integral process. This will give you a picture of where your organization stands and make you understand the risks you are running and what steps are necessary or appropriate to keep these risks under control.

We will help you answer the following questions, for both now and in the future:

  • Your existing IT environment: do you comply with all laws, rules and regulations and do you know all risks?
  • Your future IT environment: for this purpose we render strategic advice in designing new IT applications and measures in the field of security, organization, legal affairs and data protection.

Based on your vision for the future, we will prepare a road map in which we assist your organization, in a number of manageable steps, to reach the final point on the horizon.

More information?

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