Maintain and support

We assist you if there is need for it:

Privacy helpdesk

If you are reasonably well informed about the applicable legislation and above all need an expert sounding board, then the privacy helpdesk is perfect for you. For a fixed price per month we offer you unlimited support by telephone on the basis of the ‘fair use’ principle.

Privacy workshop

Would you like to know where your organization stands on data protection legislation or what steps you need to take to be able to offer or use a product or service in accordance with the data protection rules? Then the Compliancy Check is the right choice for you.

Based on a thorough preparation, we will assess with you where your organization currently stands. This will be done through an extensive interview with you and a review of the relevant documents.

Following this interview you will receive an interview report, a summary of our findings and a matching action plan including a list of priorities. Based on this action plan you will then be able to set things in motion yourself or we may further assist you. We offer this Compliancy Check at a one-off fixed price.

Data protection officer outsourcing

If you are required to appoint a data protection officer who keeps an eye on privacy compliance in your organization or you think privacy related aspects require specific attention, but you don’t have the capacity or possibility to hire someone for this? Then this module is your answer!

We make sure you organization is fully compliant with all privacy rules and legislation for a fixed price per period. If necessary we cooperate with partners specialized in technical and organizational security measures, such as Madison Gurkha and ITSX.


We can also help you with variations on aforementioned products and services and other privacy related questions. Do you need a contract to share personal data with third parties? Do you want to use cookies on your website? Do you want a training or workshop?