We translate strategic choices into operational instruments and contracts:

Processor’s agreements

We take care of this legal mandatory agreement for the external processing of personal data.

Privacy policy

We draft various documents, which allow you to inform your target audience about the processing of personal data in conformity with the lawful requirements.

Cooperation agreement

We help you to make good agreements with your cooperation partners about the processing and sharing of personal data with due care.

Contract management

We supply contract management as a service and keep your legal documents up-to-date.

Personal data manual

Inform your employees and others in a practical way about the do’s and don’ts when processing personal data (cookies, spam etc.).

International transfer

We provide you with the right measures in order to legally transfer personal data to third countries.

Notification and privacy impact assessment

We take care of the notification to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and, if needed, perform a privacy impact assessment.


We can also help you with variations on aforementioned products and services and other privacy related questions. Do you need a contract to share personal data with third parties? Do you want to use cookies on your website? Do you want a training or workshop?