We map strategic questions together with you and help you analyze them:

Strategic legal advice

How do you arrange your products and services carefully and take the right measures in order to process personal data?

Privacy impact assessment

On the basis of your roadmap we map privacy risks at an early stage when you’re designing new products and services. We can also do this in case of mergers and acquisitions.

White papers and legal opinions

We draft these documents, so that you will be able to convince your customers and supervisors that you process personal data with due care.

Courses and trainings 

We offer various courses and trainings, in which all your questions will be discussed. For inspiration, please find here an overview of our courses and trainings, which we can of course be adapted to your wishes.

We can also help you with variations on aforementioned products and services and other privacy related questions. Do you need a contract to share personal data with third parties? Do you want to use cookies on your website? Do you want a training or workshop?